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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    what i am LOVING at the moment

    i am LOVING St. Ives apricot scrub for oily/acne prone skin. I use to use this stuff along time ago in my middle school years but it broke me out and would always make my skin really really oily (i'm not sure what formula it was for... maybe for normal skin?) so i stopped using it and started using neutrogena's advanced solution. That stuff cleared my skin alright but when I'd stop using it for a day or two, a zit or two would re-emerge fast! Also, i didn't mind this so much but, it would leave your skin feeling really tight (which i didn't mind because i think it feels cool lol.. yeah i'm weird) but it also makes your skin really really dry. It comes with a moisturizer for day, and cream for night. I like the cream, but the moisturizer, not so much...
    i never use the moisturizer anymore because it definitely breaks me out and leaves my face feeling really greasy. Now back to St. Ives...

    I absolutely love this stuff and I'm glad I started using it again. If you see me in person, you know that I suffer from acne and would get clusters of zits on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. After using St. Ives, I suffer from breakouts far less! and my skin is now SMOOTH and SOFT! My skin hasn't felt that way in a really long time so sometimes i confuse that softness with oilyness and then have to touch my face again to see if its actually oily or not lol. 

    So, i use the St. Ives scrub every other day because I think exfoliating every single day might be doing too much for my skin, and you only need a dime size! A dime size might actually be a little too much, so one tube will last you quite some time! I can't tell you enough how much I love this stuff =)

    Packaging: 5/5
    Quality: 4/5
    Where can you buy it: any drug store, target, walmart, etc.
    Price: 3-4 dollars (depending on location)

    Pros: leaves your face feeling soft and smooth, helps with acne by exfoliating dead skin
    Cons: the grits of the scrub are pretty big, so it feels really really rough compared to other scrubs i've tried.

    Would I buy this again: YES! over and over and over


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