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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    random facts about yours truly

    1. i hate clusters of objects or holes. My hatred towards clusters and holes doesn't go as far as a full phobia but it's close to where if i see them, i feel my stomach drop and i get the shivers and want to throw up. Examples of clusters would be honeycombs, pictures of cells, swarms of ants, holes on buttons, and sponges. I looked it up to see if there was a name for it and its called tryptophobia? so i'm not the only one!

    2. i work at a nursing home & i love the residents, not so much some of the lazy nursing assistants with major attitude problems

    3. i don't understand people that have such horrible attitudes and are just plain rude for no reason. Not to mention the lack of common sense and consideration for others. If I'm a bitch, it's because you did something. I'm not mean to EVERYONE for no reason. 

    4. I hate when people constantly misspell things. It's an eyesore and sometimes when they constantly misspell words, it's difficult to follow along. 

    5. I am drawn to things that are pink, and things that are shiny and glimmery. 

    6. I admit that I spend way too much money for my own good but my new years resolution for this year was to cut back on spending and to only get things if I really really need it and if I don't already have something like it. 

    7. my career goal is to one day become a nurse anesthetist

    8. i get annoyed by people who only care about brands and actually verbalize that. I love certain brands too but I don't ONLY buy brand name things, and constantly talk about it. On youtube i saw a viewer's comment on someone's video and they said "you are so lucky you have all these mac stuff, i'm trying to get rid of all of my makeup so that i ONLY have mac in my collection."

    wtf? i love mac just as much as the next person, but i don't get it just because its MAC. if i don't need it, i won't get it, and if the color payoff for a certain eyeshadow isn't great, i won't get it.  I feel like when people are constantly talking about a specific brand that they own, it's an insecurity problem that they have, when really, no one else cares what you own =/

    9. I get bored reaaallly easily and i have the attention span of a 5 year old boy lol 

    10. obsessed with boots. u can never own too many! 

    11. I hate when girls constantly talk about their boyfriends and how much they're in love even though they've been going out for a week, like I really care. I'm not against relationships, I would just rather not hear about it because if it's not my relationship, I don't give a flying f*** because most likely you won't be with him 6 months from now anyway, sorry.  

    12. I'm a very picky person, and I get annoyed easily which explains why I don't want a bf at this moment. I hate clingyness, and I don't want to have to care about another beings feeling at the moment. I will get a bf when I feel like it and when I'm not so selfish lol 

    13. Iced thai tea rocks my socks

    14. my sleeping patterns are out of wack, even with out time changes =/

    15. I love GIANT handbags. Bags that can fit your whole life. I could care less for teeny tiny little purses. The bigger the better!

    16. When I speak, I don't swear. I don't get offended when others swear, and I could care less if other people swear. I just don't, and it doesn't feel natural for me to swear. I think it would look as if I'm trying too hard or something. I just choose not to swear because it doesn't sound professional. The only time where I let words slip is when I am super angry, or when I'm around bad drivers which brings us to 17...

    17. I HATE BAD DRIVERS. if you can't talk on your cell and drive at the same time DON'T DO IT! If you don't know how to drive at all, STAY HOME. you are a danger to society, so if you're not going to abide traffic laws, do the rest of us a favor and stay off the stupid roads.

    18. A while ago I got myself a cactus, and it died after like 2 weeks. it made me sad because i realized i'm less nurturing than a desert. oh well =)

    19. I've gotten in trouble in science class for trying to roast a marshmallow over a bunsen burner...

    20. I am a really loud person 

    21. you don't see much of my personality in my videos because it is quite awkward speaking to NO ONE. Making youtube videos... it's a love/hate relationship. 

    22. Last year I tried to hide an 80 pound rottweiler mix in my bedroom because I wanted to keep him, and i was doing just fine until he started barking when I tried to go brush my teeth... i loved him, I MISS HIM =(

    23. Now i have a little white puppy (maltese/shihtzu mix) and she's annoying, but cute sometimes lol

    24. I can never get sick of salsa, tortilla chips, and guacamole. 

    25. Pink is my favorite color but I hate the combination of black and pink. I have no idea why, Pink with accents of black is okay but not BLACK WITH PINK. There is just something that i don't like about that look... I think its just the fact that it's not my style. It reminds me of something punk or something... I DON'T KNOW i just don't like it i guess.

    26. my favorite style is romantic, bohemian, and classic. I also love crazy prints. 

    27. I hate it when one person has to agree with everything that you say. and you know that they just want to agree with everything you say, when your purposely contradict yourself and they still agree with you. I don't care if you have an opposite opinion! this is my opinion and you don't have to agree with it! I will respect you more as a person if you just say that you disagree with me, unless you purposely want to disagree with everything I say to just disagree lol. then that just makes you a prick. 

    28. my favorite season is spring, and i can't wait for it to come! few more weeks! HOPEFULLY

    29. I can't work out without my ipod. not to make excuses but i havent worked out in a REALLY REALLY long time because my itouch is broken... maybe i should take it to the mac store asap because i'm gaining quite some weight lol 

    30. and this is probably really boring to read so i am going to stop here at #30 =)


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