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    Saturday, March 21, 2009


    I've seriously ALMOST lost ALL interest in making videos
    maybe its the sickness talking, and yes, i am still sick, it has officially been a week of coughs, headaches, having a runny, snotty nose where one side gets plugged up when you go to sleep, so you turn onto your other side, and then the other side of your nose gets plugged up. yes, tons of fun. but yeah, i don't have the time or motivation to do videos but i will eventually do another video. but by the time i do another video it'd be way too late to do this haul so i will just blog about it. 

    so the day i was supposed to buy a couple dresses but didn't, i went to the mall of america. I went to the mac store, even though i said that i wasn't going to give them my business anymore because of sucky workers, but i decided to go there instead of nordstroms for my mac products because i needed another eyeshadow palette and i wanted my eyeshadow in refill pan form. this time i didn't have a negative experience and the mua that helped me was very very nice. 

    so i got:
    butternutty shadestick
    love rock blush from the grand duos collection
    an empty 15 shadow palette &
    brule in pan form.

    my thoughts on sugar sweet and grand duos?

    i love the shade sticks!! i like the packaging, how the outside is all color instead of the regular shadesticks where only the tip is a different color. i like the consistency and the colors are really gorgeous, i might go back for the lemon one. 

    i like the look of the lipglosses but not a fan of sheer lipglosses so pass on that...
    eyeshadows... nice colors but i can do with out them
    and the mineralized skin finishes, i can with out those too even though they looked really really pretty!

    grand duos
    they were pretty nice, and really pigmented. but i thought that it might be a little too shimmery for me so i just got love rock

    also, before the day of shopping at MOA, i went to the cco. A little disappointed that there was nothing there this time. Last time they had a whole bunch of products that i've been wanting,  but this time, all those stuff that i wanted were all gone such as angel lipstick, pink swoon blush and sweet sienna pigment. nothing really caught my eye there, so i just got ensign lipglass, bobbi brown eyemakeup remover, and signed and sealed eyeshadow.

    i will have pictures up later.

    and that is pretty much it ladies. nothing too exciting


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