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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    i'm a bum


    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    so i'm pretty proud of myself

    this all started because i want to try saint germain lipstick from mac, but i don't want to waste money on ANOTHER lipstick even though i love lipsticks. I was a little annoyed that mac changed their back to mac policy to having to have the pans in the pots to be able to b2m, and then i discovered a way i can cheat the system but then i remembered that i tossed out all my empty pots after finding out that u had to have the pans in them. i was also annoyed when i found out that you could b2m the mac wipe pouches,  I THREW THEM ALL AWAY! so anyway! i was looking around to see how many things i had that i could bring back, came to 5 (2 foundation bottles, brush cleanser bottle, an eyeshadow container, and my lash container) i needed just ONE more, and at the same time i saw that i was running real low on a couple of my lipsticks, so i thought to "depot" them. yeah... ideas u come up with when ur desperate. so i thought of depotting them into pill boxes, and i found some REALLY REALLY cute ones from target! i was expecting to buy one of those plain clear ones, but these ones are really cute! and it was only 2.99. i can't find a pic of it, but there was another one there that i thought was really cute and i liked the fact that it was detachable so you can take whatever lip colors you want with you 
    but its 9.99 so yeah... lol but i think i will get it eventually if i have a whole bunch of lipsticks that are running low. 

    so i did this video, after mel (melformakeup) said that i should do a video on it on twitter. so here it is! i'm really proud of myself! lol

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    birthday dress

    yeah so my birthday isn't until the end of may, may 25th to be exact. but i'm already thinking of what i want to do and wear and whatever. plus it's the big 2 1 so i'm excited and i want to have lots of fun.

    this is the dress that i want

    with blank ankle booties perhaps?? for a more edgier look.
    and if my hair actually grows longer, wavy curls.
    if my hair isn't longer by then... extensions lol 

    Hair Growth Extravaganza!

    Lately, this short hair deal is making me miss my long hair even more and more and now that my hair is highlighted, clip ins aren't going to work anymore...
    So starting today/tonight, I am starting my hair growth extravaganza / experience / experiment!
    What will this entail you might ask?
    every little method that I can think of and heard of, and i mean everything, from hair products to diet.
    Now, every good scientist knows that a good experiment consists of only one independent variable so that you can pinpoint what is actually working. BUT I'm so desperate and impatient, I'm going to throw in everything at once! and just hope that my hair grows. The time frame of this extravaganza will be from now until my birthday weekend which is memorial day weekend. I wanna see how long I can get it before the festivities. 

    So here is all that's included in my little experiment:

    1. PRENATAL VITAMINS. Vitamins... good for your body, good for hair growth?! why pre-natal? well have you noticed that when you're pregnant your hair grows at like 50 feet an hour?
    Also, prenatal vitamins help with nail growth, I don't really need help with nail growth but just saying...

    2.   Vitamin E! Vitamin E is known for helping with hair loss. Generally vitamin E helps with blood circulation, blood circulation in the scalp area = stimulation = GROWTH! which brings me to #3.

    3. I'm going to massage my scalp at least 5 minutes a day. Again, because massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp!

    4. EXERCISE, another way to help the blood flow through out the whole body. Also exercise makes you healthier in general, and if you're healthy, all parts of your hair will be healthy INCLUDING your hair, which makes growth a lot faster. right? 
    THEN, at the same time I can lose the weight I need to take off.

    5. Eat healthy.
    I already mentioned vitamin E, but other vitamins that are correlated with hair growth are vitamin B and C. So, I'm going to try to develop some sort of meal plan that incorporates eggs, fish, turkey, milk, leafy vegetables, and citrusy fruits.

    6. Okay, this is really sad because I love pop, but I am going to need to cut down on the caffeine and carbonated drinks, because it weakens the body therefore my hair isn't going to grow SUPER FAST

    7. CALM DOWN. I get easily stressed, and I'm probably stressed out about something like 20 hours of the day, all thanks to annoying parents and other things... So i'm going to have to find a way to relax myself, get away from irritating ppl, and actually get some rest! that part is my fault, i need to stop procrastinating so much so that i'm able to get my work done EARLY so i'm not up at 4 in the morning when i need to go to school at 6am.

    8. Protect my hair from heat. Since I don't style my hair anymore because I don't like to wear my short hair down anymore, I don't need to worry about cutting back on blow drying, straighteners and curling irons. But I do need to cut back on taking HOT showers. 

    9. and number 9, i know this is going to sound stupid but even though i have a feeling that these "super grow" hair products don't work, i'm gonna use it anyway. I think psychologically, I'm gonna think my hair is going to grow faster just because (when actually the hair is probably going to grow faster because of the vitamins =P) but whatever. For some reason we already have those products in the house, so its not like i'll be wasting money going out and buying it so why not...

    so yeah that's it! sounds more like a healthy lifestyle change which is all good. You're hair can't grow at its maximum potential if your body is unhealthy and dying lol so it makes sense. I can get longer hair while losing weight and getting more fit.

    I'll take pictures of my ugly hair maybe every 2 weeks? definitely not everyday! or even every week! can't see the difference then... or maybe i should measure my hair with a ruler... lol NO that's too much. but yeah, lets see how it goes... its midnight right now so i'll have to start the exercising tomorrow morning. 

    Saturday, March 21, 2009


    I've seriously ALMOST lost ALL interest in making videos
    maybe its the sickness talking, and yes, i am still sick, it has officially been a week of coughs, headaches, having a runny, snotty nose where one side gets plugged up when you go to sleep, so you turn onto your other side, and then the other side of your nose gets plugged up. yes, tons of fun. but yeah, i don't have the time or motivation to do videos but i will eventually do another video. but by the time i do another video it'd be way too late to do this haul so i will just blog about it. 

    so the day i was supposed to buy a couple dresses but didn't, i went to the mall of america. I went to the mac store, even though i said that i wasn't going to give them my business anymore because of sucky workers, but i decided to go there instead of nordstroms for my mac products because i needed another eyeshadow palette and i wanted my eyeshadow in refill pan form. this time i didn't have a negative experience and the mua that helped me was very very nice. 

    so i got:
    butternutty shadestick
    love rock blush from the grand duos collection
    an empty 15 shadow palette &
    brule in pan form.

    my thoughts on sugar sweet and grand duos?

    i love the shade sticks!! i like the packaging, how the outside is all color instead of the regular shadesticks where only the tip is a different color. i like the consistency and the colors are really gorgeous, i might go back for the lemon one. 

    i like the look of the lipglosses but not a fan of sheer lipglosses so pass on that...
    eyeshadows... nice colors but i can do with out them
    and the mineralized skin finishes, i can with out those too even though they looked really really pretty!

    grand duos
    they were pretty nice, and really pigmented. but i thought that it might be a little too shimmery for me so i just got love rock

    also, before the day of shopping at MOA, i went to the cco. A little disappointed that there was nothing there this time. Last time they had a whole bunch of products that i've been wanting,  but this time, all those stuff that i wanted were all gone such as angel lipstick, pink swoon blush and sweet sienna pigment. nothing really caught my eye there, so i just got ensign lipglass, bobbi brown eyemakeup remover, and signed and sealed eyeshadow.

    i will have pictures up later.

    and that is pretty much it ladies. nothing too exciting

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    TAG! What I'm Using...

    Woo hoo! my first blog tag, and i wouldn't want to be first tagged by any other person but one of my favorite youtube girls kelsey of kelzcastv. one of the sweetest girl's i've met on youtube so far.
    So she tagged me for this tag and i think what you're basically supposed to do is list the things your using now for the different categories. so heerree we gooooo:

    -- Garnier Fructise (however you spell it) Shampoo---the color shield one, and the conditioner in srengthen and lengthen?
    --Treseme Hair Spray
    --As you can see, I don't style my hair anymore since I hacked it all off lol

    FACE: (okay i don't know if it was broken up into subgroups because i'm only referring to kel's and this is the way she did hers so i'll keep it like that)

    - Cleanser: Neutrogena Advanced what ever the heck its called.
    - Moisturizer: I don't use moisturizer because my face is already oily and greasy that when i use ANY moisturizer i break out.

    - Exfoliator: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control

    - Makeup Removers: Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover, Equate Eye Makeup Remover, and Mac Wipes.

    - Acne Med: The night cream that comes with the neutrogena advanced kit, or tea tree oil, or my ly-na pearl cream.

    - Toner: don't use toner

    Everday Makeup:
    Foundation: mac studio fix fluid in nc40 now, sometimes mixed with revlon colorstay foundation combination/oily skin formular in golden beige (to tone down the yellowness in the studio fix)

    Primer: Rimmel Fix & Perfect

    Powder: MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark and my solar riche bronzer

    Blush: for my everyday face I tend to gravitate towareds melba, tippy, springsheen, and feeling.

    Brow: twofaced brow set

    Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

    Liner: Prestige Liquid Liner (Black) & urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil (i think that's what its called) in zero... which is the black one.

    Lips: myth with whatever gloss i grab to put on top of it, or creme d'nude (occasionally with whatever gloss on top of that as well) or one of those 2 mentioned up there with cherish.

    also for my eyeshadows that i wear on MOST days. it would be satin taupe and all that glitters

    and i think that is pretty much it. so i'll be tagging these wonderful ladies:

    sweet lisi

    okay! ttyl

    my shopping list & youtube rambling

    so i have alot of birthdays and events to go to this month, next one up is a dinner at chino latinos for a good friends birthday so im getting this dress (pictured below) paired with my lace juicy couture leggings, my black ankle boots, and my leather bomber

    as for my hair... me no know... maybe a beret? or maybe that's a little too much? eh whatever.

    next event, a little shin dig at a fancy shmancy lounge at the top of the foshay tower, if you don't live in MN the foshay is a building in downtown minneapolis. a swanky place. its a formal so im thinking i wanna wear this?

    lol probably with my ankle boots again because i look them so much and it gives the dresses an edge because i hate looking all prim and proper when i'm a loud and larry person.

    next up, another birthday party, and this girl always does it big. its my friend's big 2 1 and she rented out a club and invited well over 1500 people. her theme is some sort of futuristic, spacey theme. now for this... i have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. okay when i think of the theme, im thinking funky looks, metallics and neons... hmmm... 
    i might have to update later on that one lol

    also while shopping, i MIGHT pick up a thing or 2 at sephora or mac. if i'm good, i may not.
    i'm really eyeing the shadesticks that came out with the sugar sweet collection. i love their new packaging how the whole outside is colorful rather than plain black. i love my nyx jumbo e/s pencils but one advantage that mac has over nyx is that you twist up the product. i lost my giant sharpener! so i keep on trying to make the best of the nyx pencil by gently using making sure i don't gauge my eyes out with the wooden edge, just until i either get my lazy/cheap ass to go buy a new one or find my old one. i'm also eyeing e/s brule, contrast, and black tied. colors i don't really NEED because i have dupes of, but want after seeing videos on the tube.

    as for sephora, i am eyeing the dior forever foundation even though its 40 frickin 5 dollars (45 lol). but what got me sold on it was the fact that its less transferable, meaning you get less of the foundation on your face that gets on your clothes and other people's clothes and what not.

    now i love my mac studio fix fluid, but that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!! and its embarrassing when you go out in either natural light or bright fluorescent lights and everyone sees foundation all over your neckline and sleeves (from when i fall asleep in class and have my head on my arm). it makes it look like you're a makeup junkie that doesn't know what she's doing and just cakes on makeup everywhere. even with a setting powder or fix+, that stuff still gets everywhere. now i also have revlon colorstay foundation, that stuff is much better when it comes to transferability, but the color is too pink for my skin tone. 

    so yeah! i would love to try the dior foundation, and i'm also eyeing the makeup forever hd powder...
    see what the hype is about and if your skin really does look flawless with it. i'm also eyeing a shu uemura lash curler. sad to say because all these years i kept saying to myself i don't need to spend alot of money on a lash curler because its just a lash curler and i can make do with these cheap ones that pinch the hell out of your lids. As time goes by, there are little things that are convincing me to get this creme d'la creme of lash curlers. not just the lack of pain of the pinching, but also the fact that it can reach the inner lashes better, and pros are saying that an eyelash curler isn't one of those beauty products you should settle for the cheap ones for unlike products such as i don't know fake lashes? nail polishes? also i'm wearing my falsies less because lately my natural lashes have been looking longer, so i want a really good curl. yeah!!

    and i think that's pretty much it... I HOPE. As i'm looking at my makeup collection, i've come to realize that i really really don't NEED anymore, and lately i haven't had the desire to splurge a mass amount of money in one day just on makeup. it felt good at first, but now it doesn't even feel that great anymore because now i get the guilty feeling even before the cashier scans the first product. maybe it's a good thing i'm feeling this way? i'm being somewhat more responsible with my spending, especially during this time right now where people getting our laid off left and right, no ones hiring, prices on random things are skyrocketing...

    so i guess it's a good thing that i'm not wanting to haul hundreds of dollars of cosmetics in one day, but i'm also falling out of youtube, and watching other people's haul videos and collection videos as well... idk? i'm slowly losing interest even though makeup is my favorite hobby. i just don't care for youtube anymore, and i've gotten really lazy to get to requests and when i actually have the free time, i get SICK! like right now! i don't care for other people's hauls because i think its boring now (i think my own hauls and vids are quite boretastic). sounds depressing but i think a part of it is also that i don't really feel like i'm contributing much to the youtube makeup community. what you see in my vids, are looks that plenty of other people have done as well, it's the truth. and along with more subscribers as time goes by, you get more haters. I haven't gotten too many just yet, but it's not an aspect of youtube that i'm looking forward to dealing with. Already, when i get notified that i have a new comment, instead of being excited for it, i kinda have this dreaded feeling like "great... what did someone say this time". Definitely not a feeling you should be getting when u get comments lol. 

    I started doing these videos out of boredom, and even though I still get bored now, i just don't have the time and energy to scavenge around my collection, try to create a look (that's already done before), record and deal with technical difficulties of my macbook, EDIT and boy does that take forever, and upload... it was fun before but now it just feels like a job especially when it comes to nagging requesters. i think i'd rather leave it the pros such as enkore, xsparkage, petrilude, fafinettex3, rissrose2, and itsjudytime, just to mention a FEW. i might close my account, i might not? i might just leave the videos up and put up a couple more vids before i go m.i.a. -- in case i decide that i'm bored again and want to come back, like during the summer time so i'm not abandoning my wonderful subscribers completely. and i do love them sooo much. just a bunch of the sweetest, kindest people that i've ever met! weird to have met them on youtube lol

    but yeah... i think i should probably end this blog here because its uber long, and i know you guys aren't gonna read the whole thing lol. if you did, wow... ur a really patient person haha

    so til next time! 

    so im back home from the mall and i ended up not getting anything that i NEED, like those dresses because they didn't have the floral one at the store, and as for the purple one... they had one and it was ripped up and a small, i need a medium.

    what i did end up getting are the things i said that i didn't need. things from mac... i'm an idiot. but haul video up later. maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow? or whenever i feel like it lol

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    antm tonight!

    i don't know why i get addicted to america's next top model every single season (except the thailand one... that one didn't really grab my attention). my favorite episode that i look forward to every single time is the makeover episode, which i missed this time because of work. but i end up watching it on youtube. im SURPRISED that youtube doesn't take down the antm episodes for copyright and all that crap that they've been cracking down on. but anyway so america's next top model is on tonight, and i DO NOT work! so yeaahhh. im thinking i wanna go to the grocery store and get me a bag of hint of jalepeno tostitos, guacamole, and salsa, and just crash in front of the tv with a can of mountain dew lol 

    who am i rooting for? celia, fo, and london
    who do i want gone? sandra, she is just plain annoying, but i guess if they keep her around its good for tv because no one likes her lol

    anyway just decided to blog about this because i'm bored. and now im hungry soooo til next time! 

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Spring Time Revamp'n

    So as i mentioned a few times before, I am a giant idiot for goin' ahead and choppin off all my hair this last summer. I think I was just fed up with stuff and pulled a britney and went and hacked off all my hair (good thing i didn't do a full extent britney and shaved it all off). Now, i totally regret it because one, i miss my long hair, two, i look better with long hair, and three, i can't do anything with my short hair, and its the kind of hair where if you don't style it, it's really really ugly. Well now my hair is even uglier because I went to get it trimmed and the lady just did not know what she was doing. for CUTS i go to more expensive places, but for TRIMS i just go to cheap places like great clips or fantastic sams because i think to myself, it's just a trim, how can they mess up a trim. yeah.. this lady managed to mess it up somehow. I usually get my hair razored... this lady made blunt cuts al over my head, so u can imagine how bad that looks. choppy blunt cut bangs and layers all over... i just don't understand,

    so i made an appointment at my favorite salon, Marc Daniel salon in maple grove. If you live in Minnesota, you definitely have to go to this salon. I get my hair colored by Heather Frank and she does an amazing job! i've never left her chair unhappy, and after so many years of getting my hair colored at home and at salons, that is saying a lot! Not only does she do her job well, but she is such a cool person, and she's really good at figuring out what you like and what works for you. So i definitely recommend her. If she cut hair I'd probably let her cut my hair too but that's not how it works at marc daniels.

    They have colorists and stylists separate, so I go to Heather to get my hair colored, and then go to the other side of the salon to get my hair cut by someone else. I've had my hair cut by a girl that used to work there once or twice and it was just an average cut. nothing i was too excited about but then again for cuts I hardly ever get really excited because i'm really picky with cuts. Since the girl no longer works there, I made an appointment with a brand new worker because they are having a deal where if you make an appt with him, you get 15.00 off the service. in the email i got, they said that he's had 15 years of experience so wish me luck!

    SO ANYWAY, since the weather has been really really nice lately, cross my fingers it doesn't snow again, I am ready for my spring time makeover. (I always get a new color for each season). I was thinking lighter brown highlights with some golden pieces and then since fantastic sams lady fudged up my hair, i was thinking getting it re-cut/styled. I found some pictures of old american idol contestant SLASH tv guide host Kimberly Caldwell that had the cut that I like.

    so i'm excited and i hope it turns out well. I haven't been to the salon in awhile because i've been caught up with school and hours have been cut at work so my paychecks aren't as big as they used to be. Plus during the winter, I'm not in much of a mood to get dressed up or to style my hair anyway, at school it's always pulled back in a (SHORT) ponytail so eh...

    but anyway if you are interested the salon's website is
    they have the convenience of booking your own appt online, which I love. 
    Daniel Link is the owner of the salon, and an appt with him is 90 some dollars... I've never had an appt with him but he must be good for over 90 dollars. YIKES

    Friday, March 13, 2009


    so i just got home from a good friend's house.
    probably one of the most relaxing nights i've had in awhile, a good way to start my spring break woo hoo!
    we grubbed, buffalo wild wings mmmMMMmmmm mango habenero baby! chips, icecream, had a BUNCH of laughs, and just felt at ease. maybe one of the reasons was because my phone ran out of batteries so i didn't have to worry about answering the phone, having my mom call asking where are you?! when are you coming home?! even though i'm twenty... turning the big 2 1 in a couple months. and my parents had guest over so when i got home she didn't harass me as much even though she did inform me that she DID try calling and that i didn't pick up lol. but yeah! i definitely love chill nights like these and i like girls night in rather than going out to the club and what not, although i do like hittin the clubs every now and then. good work out!

    anyway soooo what do i have planned for this spring break? pretty much nothing... not taking any trips or anything. maybe a lil shopping here and there.. like i mentioned before, maybe hit the cco? get out a couple requests? catch up on some homework? whatever...

    well just thought that i'd update this little blogger shiznazz and i've done that, so that's it. i'm out!

    peace my loves!

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009


    some old neglected photos i found while browsing through my photobucket

    gosh i was so tan... now i'm uber pale! =(
    not to mention how long my hair use to be... why was i an idiot decided to hack it all off!!

    what i am LOVING at the moment

    i am LOVING St. Ives apricot scrub for oily/acne prone skin. I use to use this stuff along time ago in my middle school years but it broke me out and would always make my skin really really oily (i'm not sure what formula it was for... maybe for normal skin?) so i stopped using it and started using neutrogena's advanced solution. That stuff cleared my skin alright but when I'd stop using it for a day or two, a zit or two would re-emerge fast! Also, i didn't mind this so much but, it would leave your skin feeling really tight (which i didn't mind because i think it feels cool lol.. yeah i'm weird) but it also makes your skin really really dry. It comes with a moisturizer for day, and cream for night. I like the cream, but the moisturizer, not so much...
    i never use the moisturizer anymore because it definitely breaks me out and leaves my face feeling really greasy. Now back to St. Ives...

    I absolutely love this stuff and I'm glad I started using it again. If you see me in person, you know that I suffer from acne and would get clusters of zits on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. After using St. Ives, I suffer from breakouts far less! and my skin is now SMOOTH and SOFT! My skin hasn't felt that way in a really long time so sometimes i confuse that softness with oilyness and then have to touch my face again to see if its actually oily or not lol. 

    So, i use the St. Ives scrub every other day because I think exfoliating every single day might be doing too much for my skin, and you only need a dime size! A dime size might actually be a little too much, so one tube will last you quite some time! I can't tell you enough how much I love this stuff =)

    Packaging: 5/5
    Quality: 4/5
    Where can you buy it: any drug store, target, walmart, etc.
    Price: 3-4 dollars (depending on location)

    Pros: leaves your face feeling soft and smooth, helps with acne by exfoliating dead skin
    Cons: the grits of the scrub are pretty big, so it feels really really rough compared to other scrubs i've tried.

    Would I buy this again: YES! over and over and over

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009


    man, i am really really really good at procrastinating.
    i was going to do my homework at 2pm YESTERDAY and now its 1:59 AM NEXT DAY.
    and i basically did nothing today... i don't have school on tuesdays, nor did i work.
    i am such a BUM
    i am going to have to FIX this asap. lately i've had no motivation, i honestly don't know what it is. it could be pure laziness, but i don't think so. UGH what am i going to do with myself. I think its just the winter time blues. I want spring time to come!! spring break is actually next week, and it's definitely a break that i neeeeeddddd... maybe then i can catch up some homework. I will sit myself down with out my laptop near me, so no facebook, twitter, youtube, or online shopping/browsing. then i will be so bored i am forced to study.

    also maybe some retail therapy?? cco??
    i know i need to stop wasting my money away but i'll actually get stuff that i need! spring clothes! i honestly do not have any summer/spring clothes because i sold them all because i don't wear any of them, or like them anymore, and now my closet is full of winter clothes

    i've been good at not buying frivolous amounts of makeup. but then it makes my makeup shopping last for a really really long time, because i just stand there and think to myself:
    1. okay, do i really need this?
    2. do i already have a dupe or a similar color?
    3. am i gonna actually make use of this?
    4. it's a pretty color, but is it going to look good on me and my skin tone?
    5. am i going to die if i don't get this right now?

    and after that, my purchase goes down to like 2 things. so kudos to me!

    okay its late, i should AT LEAST do some of my italian homework if not calc...

    random facts about yours truly

    1. i hate clusters of objects or holes. My hatred towards clusters and holes doesn't go as far as a full phobia but it's close to where if i see them, i feel my stomach drop and i get the shivers and want to throw up. Examples of clusters would be honeycombs, pictures of cells, swarms of ants, holes on buttons, and sponges. I looked it up to see if there was a name for it and its called tryptophobia? so i'm not the only one!

    2. i work at a nursing home & i love the residents, not so much some of the lazy nursing assistants with major attitude problems

    3. i don't understand people that have such horrible attitudes and are just plain rude for no reason. Not to mention the lack of common sense and consideration for others. If I'm a bitch, it's because you did something. I'm not mean to EVERYONE for no reason. 

    4. I hate when people constantly misspell things. It's an eyesore and sometimes when they constantly misspell words, it's difficult to follow along. 

    5. I am drawn to things that are pink, and things that are shiny and glimmery. 

    6. I admit that I spend way too much money for my own good but my new years resolution for this year was to cut back on spending and to only get things if I really really need it and if I don't already have something like it. 

    7. my career goal is to one day become a nurse anesthetist

    8. i get annoyed by people who only care about brands and actually verbalize that. I love certain brands too but I don't ONLY buy brand name things, and constantly talk about it. On youtube i saw a viewer's comment on someone's video and they said "you are so lucky you have all these mac stuff, i'm trying to get rid of all of my makeup so that i ONLY have mac in my collection."

    wtf? i love mac just as much as the next person, but i don't get it just because its MAC. if i don't need it, i won't get it, and if the color payoff for a certain eyeshadow isn't great, i won't get it.  I feel like when people are constantly talking about a specific brand that they own, it's an insecurity problem that they have, when really, no one else cares what you own =/

    9. I get bored reaaallly easily and i have the attention span of a 5 year old boy lol 

    10. obsessed with boots. u can never own too many! 

    11. I hate when girls constantly talk about their boyfriends and how much they're in love even though they've been going out for a week, like I really care. I'm not against relationships, I would just rather not hear about it because if it's not my relationship, I don't give a flying f*** because most likely you won't be with him 6 months from now anyway, sorry.  

    12. I'm a very picky person, and I get annoyed easily which explains why I don't want a bf at this moment. I hate clingyness, and I don't want to have to care about another beings feeling at the moment. I will get a bf when I feel like it and when I'm not so selfish lol 

    13. Iced thai tea rocks my socks

    14. my sleeping patterns are out of wack, even with out time changes =/

    15. I love GIANT handbags. Bags that can fit your whole life. I could care less for teeny tiny little purses. The bigger the better!

    16. When I speak, I don't swear. I don't get offended when others swear, and I could care less if other people swear. I just don't, and it doesn't feel natural for me to swear. I think it would look as if I'm trying too hard or something. I just choose not to swear because it doesn't sound professional. The only time where I let words slip is when I am super angry, or when I'm around bad drivers which brings us to 17...

    17. I HATE BAD DRIVERS. if you can't talk on your cell and drive at the same time DON'T DO IT! If you don't know how to drive at all, STAY HOME. you are a danger to society, so if you're not going to abide traffic laws, do the rest of us a favor and stay off the stupid roads.

    18. A while ago I got myself a cactus, and it died after like 2 weeks. it made me sad because i realized i'm less nurturing than a desert. oh well =)

    19. I've gotten in trouble in science class for trying to roast a marshmallow over a bunsen burner...

    20. I am a really loud person 

    21. you don't see much of my personality in my videos because it is quite awkward speaking to NO ONE. Making youtube videos... it's a love/hate relationship. 

    22. Last year I tried to hide an 80 pound rottweiler mix in my bedroom because I wanted to keep him, and i was doing just fine until he started barking when I tried to go brush my teeth... i loved him, I MISS HIM =(

    23. Now i have a little white puppy (maltese/shihtzu mix) and she's annoying, but cute sometimes lol

    24. I can never get sick of salsa, tortilla chips, and guacamole. 

    25. Pink is my favorite color but I hate the combination of black and pink. I have no idea why, Pink with accents of black is okay but not BLACK WITH PINK. There is just something that i don't like about that look... I think its just the fact that it's not my style. It reminds me of something punk or something... I DON'T KNOW i just don't like it i guess.

    26. my favorite style is romantic, bohemian, and classic. I also love crazy prints. 

    27. I hate it when one person has to agree with everything that you say. and you know that they just want to agree with everything you say, when your purposely contradict yourself and they still agree with you. I don't care if you have an opposite opinion! this is my opinion and you don't have to agree with it! I will respect you more as a person if you just say that you disagree with me, unless you purposely want to disagree with everything I say to just disagree lol. then that just makes you a prick. 

    28. my favorite season is spring, and i can't wait for it to come! few more weeks! HOPEFULLY

    29. I can't work out without my ipod. not to make excuses but i havent worked out in a REALLY REALLY long time because my itouch is broken... maybe i should take it to the mac store asap because i'm gaining quite some weight lol 

    30. and this is probably really boring to read so i am going to stop here at #30 =)

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009


    under some MAJOR construction.
    won't be up and running until waaayy later!
    til then....