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    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    my shopping list & youtube rambling

    so i have alot of birthdays and events to go to this month, next one up is a dinner at chino latinos for a good friends birthday so im getting this dress (pictured below) paired with my lace juicy couture leggings, my black ankle boots, and my leather bomber

    as for my hair... me no know... maybe a beret? or maybe that's a little too much? eh whatever.

    next event, a little shin dig at a fancy shmancy lounge at the top of the foshay tower, if you don't live in MN the foshay is a building in downtown minneapolis. a swanky place. its a formal so im thinking i wanna wear this?

    lol probably with my ankle boots again because i look them so much and it gives the dresses an edge because i hate looking all prim and proper when i'm a loud and larry person.

    next up, another birthday party, and this girl always does it big. its my friend's big 2 1 and she rented out a club and invited well over 1500 people. her theme is some sort of futuristic, spacey theme. now for this... i have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. okay when i think of the theme, im thinking funky looks, metallics and neons... hmmm... 
    i might have to update later on that one lol

    also while shopping, i MIGHT pick up a thing or 2 at sephora or mac. if i'm good, i may not.
    i'm really eyeing the shadesticks that came out with the sugar sweet collection. i love their new packaging how the whole outside is colorful rather than plain black. i love my nyx jumbo e/s pencils but one advantage that mac has over nyx is that you twist up the product. i lost my giant sharpener! so i keep on trying to make the best of the nyx pencil by gently using making sure i don't gauge my eyes out with the wooden edge, just until i either get my lazy/cheap ass to go buy a new one or find my old one. i'm also eyeing e/s brule, contrast, and black tied. colors i don't really NEED because i have dupes of, but want after seeing videos on the tube.

    as for sephora, i am eyeing the dior forever foundation even though its 40 frickin 5 dollars (45 lol). but what got me sold on it was the fact that its less transferable, meaning you get less of the foundation on your face that gets on your clothes and other people's clothes and what not.

    now i love my mac studio fix fluid, but that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!! and its embarrassing when you go out in either natural light or bright fluorescent lights and everyone sees foundation all over your neckline and sleeves (from when i fall asleep in class and have my head on my arm). it makes it look like you're a makeup junkie that doesn't know what she's doing and just cakes on makeup everywhere. even with a setting powder or fix+, that stuff still gets everywhere. now i also have revlon colorstay foundation, that stuff is much better when it comes to transferability, but the color is too pink for my skin tone. 

    so yeah! i would love to try the dior foundation, and i'm also eyeing the makeup forever hd powder...
    see what the hype is about and if your skin really does look flawless with it. i'm also eyeing a shu uemura lash curler. sad to say because all these years i kept saying to myself i don't need to spend alot of money on a lash curler because its just a lash curler and i can make do with these cheap ones that pinch the hell out of your lids. As time goes by, there are little things that are convincing me to get this creme d'la creme of lash curlers. not just the lack of pain of the pinching, but also the fact that it can reach the inner lashes better, and pros are saying that an eyelash curler isn't one of those beauty products you should settle for the cheap ones for unlike products such as i don't know fake lashes? nail polishes? also i'm wearing my falsies less because lately my natural lashes have been looking longer, so i want a really good curl. yeah!!

    and i think that's pretty much it... I HOPE. As i'm looking at my makeup collection, i've come to realize that i really really don't NEED anymore, and lately i haven't had the desire to splurge a mass amount of money in one day just on makeup. it felt good at first, but now it doesn't even feel that great anymore because now i get the guilty feeling even before the cashier scans the first product. maybe it's a good thing i'm feeling this way? i'm being somewhat more responsible with my spending, especially during this time right now where people getting our laid off left and right, no ones hiring, prices on random things are skyrocketing...

    so i guess it's a good thing that i'm not wanting to haul hundreds of dollars of cosmetics in one day, but i'm also falling out of youtube, and watching other people's haul videos and collection videos as well... idk? i'm slowly losing interest even though makeup is my favorite hobby. i just don't care for youtube anymore, and i've gotten really lazy to get to requests and when i actually have the free time, i get SICK! like right now! i don't care for other people's hauls because i think its boring now (i think my own hauls and vids are quite boretastic). sounds depressing but i think a part of it is also that i don't really feel like i'm contributing much to the youtube makeup community. what you see in my vids, are looks that plenty of other people have done as well, it's the truth. and along with more subscribers as time goes by, you get more haters. I haven't gotten too many just yet, but it's not an aspect of youtube that i'm looking forward to dealing with. Already, when i get notified that i have a new comment, instead of being excited for it, i kinda have this dreaded feeling like "great... what did someone say this time". Definitely not a feeling you should be getting when u get comments lol. 

    I started doing these videos out of boredom, and even though I still get bored now, i just don't have the time and energy to scavenge around my collection, try to create a look (that's already done before), record and deal with technical difficulties of my macbook, EDIT and boy does that take forever, and upload... it was fun before but now it just feels like a job especially when it comes to nagging requesters. i think i'd rather leave it the pros such as enkore, xsparkage, petrilude, fafinettex3, rissrose2, and itsjudytime, just to mention a FEW. i might close my account, i might not? i might just leave the videos up and put up a couple more vids before i go m.i.a. -- in case i decide that i'm bored again and want to come back, like during the summer time so i'm not abandoning my wonderful subscribers completely. and i do love them sooo much. just a bunch of the sweetest, kindest people that i've ever met! weird to have met them on youtube lol

    but yeah... i think i should probably end this blog here because its uber long, and i know you guys aren't gonna read the whole thing lol. if you did, wow... ur a really patient person haha

    so til next time! 

    so im back home from the mall and i ended up not getting anything that i NEED, like those dresses because they didn't have the floral one at the store, and as for the purple one... they had one and it was ripped up and a small, i need a medium.

    what i did end up getting are the things i said that i didn't need. things from mac... i'm an idiot. but haul video up later. maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow? or whenever i feel like it lol


    Kelsey said...

    those dresses are HOT!!!!! especially the first one! Good choice girl!

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