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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Spring Time Revamp'n

    So as i mentioned a few times before, I am a giant idiot for goin' ahead and choppin off all my hair this last summer. I think I was just fed up with stuff and pulled a britney and went and hacked off all my hair (good thing i didn't do a full extent britney and shaved it all off). Now, i totally regret it because one, i miss my long hair, two, i look better with long hair, and three, i can't do anything with my short hair, and its the kind of hair where if you don't style it, it's really really ugly. Well now my hair is even uglier because I went to get it trimmed and the lady just did not know what she was doing. for CUTS i go to more expensive places, but for TRIMS i just go to cheap places like great clips or fantastic sams because i think to myself, it's just a trim, how can they mess up a trim. yeah.. this lady managed to mess it up somehow. I usually get my hair razored... this lady made blunt cuts al over my head, so u can imagine how bad that looks. choppy blunt cut bangs and layers all over... i just don't understand,

    so i made an appointment at my favorite salon, Marc Daniel salon in maple grove. If you live in Minnesota, you definitely have to go to this salon. I get my hair colored by Heather Frank and she does an amazing job! i've never left her chair unhappy, and after so many years of getting my hair colored at home and at salons, that is saying a lot! Not only does she do her job well, but she is such a cool person, and she's really good at figuring out what you like and what works for you. So i definitely recommend her. If she cut hair I'd probably let her cut my hair too but that's not how it works at marc daniels.

    They have colorists and stylists separate, so I go to Heather to get my hair colored, and then go to the other side of the salon to get my hair cut by someone else. I've had my hair cut by a girl that used to work there once or twice and it was just an average cut. nothing i was too excited about but then again for cuts I hardly ever get really excited because i'm really picky with cuts. Since the girl no longer works there, I made an appointment with a brand new worker because they are having a deal where if you make an appt with him, you get 15.00 off the service. in the email i got, they said that he's had 15 years of experience so wish me luck!

    SO ANYWAY, since the weather has been really really nice lately, cross my fingers it doesn't snow again, I am ready for my spring time makeover. (I always get a new color for each season). I was thinking lighter brown highlights with some golden pieces and then since fantastic sams lady fudged up my hair, i was thinking getting it re-cut/styled. I found some pictures of old american idol contestant SLASH tv guide host Kimberly Caldwell that had the cut that I like.

    so i'm excited and i hope it turns out well. I haven't been to the salon in awhile because i've been caught up with school and hours have been cut at work so my paychecks aren't as big as they used to be. Plus during the winter, I'm not in much of a mood to get dressed up or to style my hair anyway, at school it's always pulled back in a (SHORT) ponytail so eh...

    but anyway if you are interested the salon's website is
    they have the convenience of booking your own appt online, which I love. 
    Daniel Link is the owner of the salon, and an appt with him is 90 some dollars... I've never had an appt with him but he must be good for over 90 dollars. YIKES


    Sibyll knows best! said...

    Like the style of her pony :-D

    (i cross my fingers too, no more snow please!)

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