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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Hair Growth Extravaganza!

    Lately, this short hair deal is making me miss my long hair even more and more and now that my hair is highlighted, clip ins aren't going to work anymore...
    So starting today/tonight, I am starting my hair growth extravaganza / experience / experiment!
    What will this entail you might ask?
    every little method that I can think of and heard of, and i mean everything, from hair products to diet.
    Now, every good scientist knows that a good experiment consists of only one independent variable so that you can pinpoint what is actually working. BUT I'm so desperate and impatient, I'm going to throw in everything at once! and just hope that my hair grows. The time frame of this extravaganza will be from now until my birthday weekend which is memorial day weekend. I wanna see how long I can get it before the festivities. 

    So here is all that's included in my little experiment:

    1. PRENATAL VITAMINS. Vitamins... good for your body, good for hair growth?! why pre-natal? well have you noticed that when you're pregnant your hair grows at like 50 feet an hour?
    Also, prenatal vitamins help with nail growth, I don't really need help with nail growth but just saying...

    2.   Vitamin E! Vitamin E is known for helping with hair loss. Generally vitamin E helps with blood circulation, blood circulation in the scalp area = stimulation = GROWTH! which brings me to #3.

    3. I'm going to massage my scalp at least 5 minutes a day. Again, because massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp!

    4. EXERCISE, another way to help the blood flow through out the whole body. Also exercise makes you healthier in general, and if you're healthy, all parts of your hair will be healthy INCLUDING your hair, which makes growth a lot faster. right? 
    THEN, at the same time I can lose the weight I need to take off.

    5. Eat healthy.
    I already mentioned vitamin E, but other vitamins that are correlated with hair growth are vitamin B and C. So, I'm going to try to develop some sort of meal plan that incorporates eggs, fish, turkey, milk, leafy vegetables, and citrusy fruits.

    6. Okay, this is really sad because I love pop, but I am going to need to cut down on the caffeine and carbonated drinks, because it weakens the body therefore my hair isn't going to grow SUPER FAST

    7. CALM DOWN. I get easily stressed, and I'm probably stressed out about something like 20 hours of the day, all thanks to annoying parents and other things... So i'm going to have to find a way to relax myself, get away from irritating ppl, and actually get some rest! that part is my fault, i need to stop procrastinating so much so that i'm able to get my work done EARLY so i'm not up at 4 in the morning when i need to go to school at 6am.

    8. Protect my hair from heat. Since I don't style my hair anymore because I don't like to wear my short hair down anymore, I don't need to worry about cutting back on blow drying, straighteners and curling irons. But I do need to cut back on taking HOT showers. 

    9. and number 9, i know this is going to sound stupid but even though i have a feeling that these "super grow" hair products don't work, i'm gonna use it anyway. I think psychologically, I'm gonna think my hair is going to grow faster just because (when actually the hair is probably going to grow faster because of the vitamins =P) but whatever. For some reason we already have those products in the house, so its not like i'll be wasting money going out and buying it so why not...

    so yeah that's it! sounds more like a healthy lifestyle change which is all good. You're hair can't grow at its maximum potential if your body is unhealthy and dying lol so it makes sense. I can get longer hair while losing weight and getting more fit.

    I'll take pictures of my ugly hair maybe every 2 weeks? definitely not everyday! or even every week! can't see the difference then... or maybe i should measure my hair with a ruler... lol NO that's too much. but yeah, lets see how it goes... its midnight right now so i'll have to start the exercising tomorrow morning. 


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