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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Birthday Look

    I received the ULTA ad a couple weeks ago in the mail. As I was flipping through, I came across a picture for the Stila cosmetics, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to recreate that look for my birthday. It is gorgeous!

    I'm a little confused that the products aren't even listed online, but only in the ads. Hopefully I find the products at the actual store. I was at sephora last week and I didn't see any of the products, and at sephora's website, they didn't even have the collection listed. I also tried looking at Stila's website to see if maybe they had the picture and list what they used on the model, but the site is down (probably because Stila is rethinking their financial stuff). But anyway, in the Ulta ad it says that it's Stila's Summer Collection inspired by Bollywood. It sucks that in the ad they don't tell you in the fine print what the model is wearing so I'm going to have to figure that out on my own, and that means I probably don't even need to buy anything from the collection either. I can try to use whatever I have. I'm guessing there's gold in there? because the palette of the collection has gold in it? lol.
    smoked out with a brown??? Maybe you can tell me what you think it is.

    So since the picture is NO WHERE on the internet, I had to go to the browse ad on ulta's site and then do the whole print page thing and save it to get the picture. That explains that weird arrow in the picture.

    here it is:

    any suggestions on what eyeshadows i could use? probably mac shadows since that's mostly what i have?

    and if you're curious, this is the stuff from the collection


    I always have this constant yet sudden urge to go shopping for both clothes and makeup but mostly makeup even though the last thing that I need is more makeup. I haven't been to the CCO in awhile so I really want to go back and see if they have anything new, last time I went they didn't have anything. The time before that they had a whole bunch of stuff that I wanted and have been wanting for the longest time, but all those are gone =(

    & even though I was at the mall of america last week, I didn't get very much, a dress, jeans, and accessories...
    Speaking of which, I found my birthday dress-- it is a pretty good dupe of the bcbg dress I posted in my other blog. It's the origami dress from forever21. it was only 27.80. I got it kinda early just in case i can't find anything the weekend before my bday. If i do end up finding an even better dress closer to my birthday, whatever dress i don't wear, i'll be wearing to my grandparent's anniversay party that will be in July.

    So, since i didn't get very much, the next time I go shopping, it'll be more summer/spring clothes and whatever.
    Gladiator sandals
    more skinny jeans
    more flats
    a few dresses
    tops, etc.

    here are some outfits from forever21 that best describes my style. I usually gravitate towards bohemian, rock, and vintage styles as well as classic looks that consists of a long tee, jeans, and a cardigan. I love black, i love bows, I love cameos, I love pearls, gold, BOOTS. yeah lol

    Also, I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about this.
    I just spoke to Yasumi of Worship @ the House of Blues via email about a necklace. I saw a couple necklaces of her pearly girly collection and i was IN LOVE! I had that type of necklace pictured in my head for years, and i stumbled across her blog and I was just amazed because THERE IT WAS! She doesn't make duplicates, so I asked if she could make me my own pearly girly. She responded to my email so quickly! She told me that she was working on a new pearly girly this weekend and she described to me what it would include, and it just sounded PERFECT. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! and i am super super excited. It's not even made yet but i am just super excited to get my hands on it and wear it. I think Yasumi is amazing and super talented and I have a feeling that I will be buying more pieces from her in the future. There's just something cool about knowing that you are the only person in the whole wide world that has that one necklace or bracelet. You can tell that she puts in a lot of effort in her jewelry, and takes much pride in what she does. If you haven't done so, go to her blog and see for your self over at Worship @ the House of Blues

    But anyway, I have a couple more weeks left. Things are getting intense. Tomorrow I have a math quiz, Friday is the math test, in Italian I have a quiz this next monday, oral exam on thursday, and the final is on may 12th. My anatomy final is on monday, may 11th, but my math final is also that same day, same time, so I am going to have to ask to take my math final on a later day, (i hope i can!) I AM VERY STRESSED OUT. thinking about the dates alone stresses me out. But i need to FOCUS, get it together, stop with the online shopping while trying to do hmwk. I'm also getting things set and ready for nursing school. i'll FINALLY be going to nursing school this next fall. All i have to do now take my cpr class, and after i'm done with my finals I can finally start working as a nursing assistant since my availability will be better. I've been certified since last september and I haven't even been working as an NAR =P. and in a few weeks after all is done I can start doing more vidss on the days that i have nothing to do.

    so thats my update...

    ta ta for now

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    just can't stop myself

    I had no intention of buying anything, but when i went to the coastal scents website to check out the colors they had for their new hot pots, i saw that everything was 15% off up until midnight. Now, I know 15% isn't really that much, but it kinda is when the products on there are already as cheap as 5! So I took advantage of that discount and my sister and I combined our stuff together so that we had a total of $100 so we got free shipping.

    She got the stuff that I told her to get a lOoOOoOng time ago, like the 88 palette, and I don't remember what else she got but all i know was that it was about 70 dollars worth of things because I got about 30 dollars worth of things.

    But I bought a few of the hot pot shadows, a black gel liner, and a couple of the coastal scents smacks (i think that's what they were called? too lazy to go back to the website to double check but whatever)

    I will definitely do a review on all of them.
    I am very curious about the lipglosses and the hot pot shadows.
    I hope they're pigmented because nothing is worse than wasting your money on a product that you end up not liking. That's the one problem i have with drug store brands, you can't try them out!

    Walgreens has buy one get one free on revlon cosmetics, so I went and got me one of those creme lipglosses? Don't like it, way too shear, if i wanted a shear lipgloss I would of just got a clear gloss. It didn't do anything for me, so i thought well maybe I can use it to tone down bright lipsticks.... nope, so shear that it didn't even do that. The color that I got was "Slip into PInk", so I can't say if any of the other colors are as shear but I don't want to waste my money to try it out. But for my free product along with that purchase, I just got a cream eyeshadow quad, in skinlights? what ever the neutral quad one is called... sorry my laziness right now is making me a really sucky explainer/blogger lol but i think most of u will know what i'm talking about so its okay lol ..

    but okay, when my order comes in, I will try out all the stuff and have a review on them and a video perhaps.

    I have to go to work tomorrow (technically today) at 6:30 AM. Not looking forward to it, but looking forward to getting paid, so i can buy more makeup (jk). So i should go do my laundry and get some sleep...

    At this moment, I am also in the middle of uploading a video that I recorded a couple months ago. It was supposed to be for a collaboration that Kelsey better known as Kelzcasttv on youtube. We were gonna do prom looks for our collabo but we are both really really really busy with school so eh. But I thought it would have been a waste if i never post this up so I just cut out the parts where I talked about me and kelsey and so it might be a little choppy?

    but yeah. ANWAY


    Responding to comments

    OKAY so I get awesome comments on my blog posts,
    but one problem....

    I don't know how to personally respond back to each and every one of you.
    am i suppose to comment back in my own blog post or do i go onto your blog and comment back somewhere on one of your random blog posts?

    Let me know what your preference is!

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Sally's Beauty Haul

    Payday Friday, day off from work, boredom, and sunny weather.
    What does that lead to?
    A haul of course!

    So I was really bored today, but at the same time I was too lazy to go to a mall or anywhere far. So today I decided to go to Sally's Beauty Supply. I didn't go there with anything particular in mind, just browsing.

    But they had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on the nail polishes. You can also mix and match the brands.
    So I got 3 china glaze polishes and then right before paying, i saw on their clearance table a Finger Paints polish in the PERFECT hot pink color and the best part, it was ONLY 2.99!

    I also got a pair of ardell mod lashes, the half lashes, and a bundle of hair ties because I lost all EVERY SINGLE hair tie that I had. It will be a couple weeks until I lose all the ones in this bundle as well.

    I also got a discount on all of my purchases except for the Finger Paints polish (because that was already on clearance) because I had a Sally's beauty card. So instead of getting the China Glaze polishes for 5 something, I got them for 4.49, it went up a dollar though, it use to be 3.49 with your discount.

    I highly recommend everyone get the Sally's discount card. It's BASICALLY FREE, because up front it's 5.00 for the card, BUT you get that 5.00 back to use the next month. On your receipt that shows that you purchased the card, it has your 5.00 off next month thingy on there. So yeah, go get it!

    Yep the pictures are backwards because I used photobooth on my mac to take these pics.
    China Glaze Polishes:
    purple: Spontaneous
    turquoise-ish color: For Audrey
    pink: Nake

    Finger Paints Polish: Art Nouveau Glow

    Half Lashes in BLACK 305

    I plan on using those lashes for my birthday. I'm starting to practice different looks that I want to do for my bday. I can't find the picture online but in Ulta's ad, in the stila section, there's a picture of a model with the look i think i want to do. It's a goldish smokey eye for stila's summer collection, bollywood i believe?

    but yeah, have a happy weekend everyone!