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    Friday, April 24, 2009

    just can't stop myself

    I had no intention of buying anything, but when i went to the coastal scents website to check out the colors they had for their new hot pots, i saw that everything was 15% off up until midnight. Now, I know 15% isn't really that much, but it kinda is when the products on there are already as cheap as 5! So I took advantage of that discount and my sister and I combined our stuff together so that we had a total of $100 so we got free shipping.

    She got the stuff that I told her to get a lOoOOoOng time ago, like the 88 palette, and I don't remember what else she got but all i know was that it was about 70 dollars worth of things because I got about 30 dollars worth of things.

    But I bought a few of the hot pot shadows, a black gel liner, and a couple of the coastal scents smacks (i think that's what they were called? too lazy to go back to the website to double check but whatever)

    I will definitely do a review on all of them.
    I am very curious about the lipglosses and the hot pot shadows.
    I hope they're pigmented because nothing is worse than wasting your money on a product that you end up not liking. That's the one problem i have with drug store brands, you can't try them out!

    Walgreens has buy one get one free on revlon cosmetics, so I went and got me one of those creme lipglosses? Don't like it, way too shear, if i wanted a shear lipgloss I would of just got a clear gloss. It didn't do anything for me, so i thought well maybe I can use it to tone down bright lipsticks.... nope, so shear that it didn't even do that. The color that I got was "Slip into PInk", so I can't say if any of the other colors are as shear but I don't want to waste my money to try it out. But for my free product along with that purchase, I just got a cream eyeshadow quad, in skinlights? what ever the neutral quad one is called... sorry my laziness right now is making me a really sucky explainer/blogger lol but i think most of u will know what i'm talking about so its okay lol ..

    but okay, when my order comes in, I will try out all the stuff and have a review on them and a video perhaps.

    I have to go to work tomorrow (technically today) at 6:30 AM. Not looking forward to it, but looking forward to getting paid, so i can buy more makeup (jk). So i should go do my laundry and get some sleep...

    At this moment, I am also in the middle of uploading a video that I recorded a couple months ago. It was supposed to be for a collaboration that Kelsey better known as Kelzcasttv on youtube. We were gonna do prom looks for our collabo but we are both really really really busy with school so eh. But I thought it would have been a waste if i never post this up so I just cut out the parts where I talked about me and kelsey and so it might be a little choppy?

    but yeah. ANWAY



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