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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    antm tonight!

    i don't know why i get addicted to america's next top model every single season (except the thailand one... that one didn't really grab my attention). my favorite episode that i look forward to every single time is the makeover episode, which i missed this time because of work. but i end up watching it on youtube. im SURPRISED that youtube doesn't take down the antm episodes for copyright and all that crap that they've been cracking down on. but anyway so america's next top model is on tonight, and i DO NOT work! so yeaahhh. im thinking i wanna go to the grocery store and get me a bag of hint of jalepeno tostitos, guacamole, and salsa, and just crash in front of the tv with a can of mountain dew lol 

    who am i rooting for? celia, fo, and london
    who do i want gone? sandra, she is just plain annoying, but i guess if they keep her around its good for tv because no one likes her lol

    anyway just decided to blog about this because i'm bored. and now im hungry soooo til next time! 


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