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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    birthday dress

    yeah so my birthday isn't until the end of may, may 25th to be exact. but i'm already thinking of what i want to do and wear and whatever. plus it's the big 2 1 so i'm excited and i want to have lots of fun.

    this is the dress that i want

    with blank ankle booties perhaps?? for a more edgier look.
    and if my hair actually grows longer, wavy curls.
    if my hair isn't longer by then... extensions lol 


    mynameisROTH said...

    That dress is CUTE!
    Shoot. I'll be 21 this year too!
    You're about ... two months older. BOOO! lols

    Yas said...

    OMG girl that is one hot dress. You are going to look amazing in that! Please share pics if you get it! And I'm wishing you a most wonderful birthday cutie! :) xoxo

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