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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    so i'm pretty proud of myself

    this all started because i want to try saint germain lipstick from mac, but i don't want to waste money on ANOTHER lipstick even though i love lipsticks. I was a little annoyed that mac changed their back to mac policy to having to have the pans in the pots to be able to b2m, and then i discovered a way i can cheat the system but then i remembered that i tossed out all my empty pots after finding out that u had to have the pans in them. i was also annoyed when i found out that you could b2m the mac wipe pouches,  I THREW THEM ALL AWAY! so anyway! i was looking around to see how many things i had that i could bring back, came to 5 (2 foundation bottles, brush cleanser bottle, an eyeshadow container, and my lash container) i needed just ONE more, and at the same time i saw that i was running real low on a couple of my lipsticks, so i thought to "depot" them. yeah... ideas u come up with when ur desperate. so i thought of depotting them into pill boxes, and i found some REALLY REALLY cute ones from target! i was expecting to buy one of those plain clear ones, but these ones are really cute! and it was only 2.99. i can't find a pic of it, but there was another one there that i thought was really cute and i liked the fact that it was detachable so you can take whatever lip colors you want with you 
    but its 9.99 so yeah... lol but i think i will get it eventually if i have a whole bunch of lipsticks that are running low. 

    so i did this video, after mel (melformakeup) said that i should do a video on it on twitter. so here it is! i'm really proud of myself! lol


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