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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009


    some old neglected photos i found while browsing through my photobucket

    gosh i was so tan... now i'm uber pale! =(
    not to mention how long my hair use to be... why was i an idiot decided to hack it all off!!


    Jo Lee said...

    Do you still have long hair?!?! Your curls are so pretty!! Tutorial?!? Please? :-D

    ^-^ said...

    no i don't have long hair anymore, cuz IM STUPID!
    other wise i would totally do a tutorial on how i curl my hair =(
    maybe by the end of this summer!! if you're still watching me by then lol

    passionpinkmalibu said...

    your tan look so good.

    Jo Lee said...

    Definitely!!! I love your videos! Its informational and entertaining :-) So I will patiently wait for it...

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