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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009


    man, i am really really really good at procrastinating.
    i was going to do my homework at 2pm YESTERDAY and now its 1:59 AM NEXT DAY.
    and i basically did nothing today... i don't have school on tuesdays, nor did i work.
    i am such a BUM
    i am going to have to FIX this asap. lately i've had no motivation, i honestly don't know what it is. it could be pure laziness, but i don't think so. UGH what am i going to do with myself. I think its just the winter time blues. I want spring time to come!! spring break is actually next week, and it's definitely a break that i neeeeeddddd... maybe then i can catch up some homework. I will sit myself down with out my laptop near me, so no facebook, twitter, youtube, or online shopping/browsing. then i will be so bored i am forced to study.

    also maybe some retail therapy?? cco??
    i know i need to stop wasting my money away but i'll actually get stuff that i need! spring clothes! i honestly do not have any summer/spring clothes because i sold them all because i don't wear any of them, or like them anymore, and now my closet is full of winter clothes

    i've been good at not buying frivolous amounts of makeup. but then it makes my makeup shopping last for a really really long time, because i just stand there and think to myself:
    1. okay, do i really need this?
    2. do i already have a dupe or a similar color?
    3. am i gonna actually make use of this?
    4. it's a pretty color, but is it going to look good on me and my skin tone?
    5. am i going to die if i don't get this right now?

    and after that, my purchase goes down to like 2 things. so kudos to me!

    okay its late, i should AT LEAST do some of my italian homework if not calc...


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