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    Friday, March 13, 2009


    so i just got home from a good friend's house.
    probably one of the most relaxing nights i've had in awhile, a good way to start my spring break woo hoo!
    we grubbed, buffalo wild wings mmmMMMmmmm mango habenero baby! chips, icecream, had a BUNCH of laughs, and just felt at ease. maybe one of the reasons was because my phone ran out of batteries so i didn't have to worry about answering the phone, having my mom call asking where are you?! when are you coming home?! even though i'm twenty... turning the big 2 1 in a couple months. and my parents had guest over so when i got home she didn't harass me as much even though she did inform me that she DID try calling and that i didn't pick up lol. but yeah! i definitely love chill nights like these and i like girls night in rather than going out to the club and what not, although i do like hittin the clubs every now and then. good work out!

    anyway soooo what do i have planned for this spring break? pretty much nothing... not taking any trips or anything. maybe a lil shopping here and there.. like i mentioned before, maybe hit the cco? get out a couple requests? catch up on some homework? whatever...

    well just thought that i'd update this little blogger shiznazz and i've done that, so that's it. i'm out!

    peace my loves!


    Yas said...

    Hey mama...just whatever you do enjoy! You definitely deserve it hun! ;) That food sounds soooo good. I totally need a snack now. :P

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