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    Thursday, June 11, 2009


    i've neglected this thing for a really long time, as well as my youtube account, although i still log on to watch videos or to read other people's blog posts.

    ive been busy with birthday stuff, posting up pics soon. I'm always slow with posting up pictures because i'm really lazy when it comes to cropping pics and adding watermarks on this macbook without adobe. adobe photoshop is the only program i've been use to and i don't have it on here. someone told me about gimp or whatever, and said it would be exactly like adobe. yeah its not... there are similar features but it's still confusing to me so eh...

    i have a doctors appt with the opthamologist. 2 days ago i woke up and my left eye was red, burning, and wouldnt stop watering, and it hurt to close and open up my eyes, the second day (today) the burning stopped but it was still red, and it hurt to move my eye, and my bottom lid is swollen, and it looks like there's a stye there. also with my left eye, it seems to get dry really fast, and there is constantly a haze over that eye, or a gel-like substance that goes over my eye or over my contact... so yeah... its about time i get that checked out.

    i also need to get my dang wisdom teeth taken out. my teeth use to be straight, and now they are crooked because of overcrowding caused by these wisdom teeth. i tried to get them pulled out almost 2 years ago, but i basically got screwed over by the dental place, and thats a long story so yeah.

    i hauled from mac when i got my makeup done there, i will talk about that later as well because i am too lazy to post up pictures (i suck at this blogging thing obviously, but its just a way to get my thoughts out)

    i colored my hair because i was really curious about the frederick fekkai hair color. i got the dark brown and it ended up making me hair black, sooo yeah =/ but whatever.

    I need to pay off my credit cards and save up money if i want to move out soon. so i will be job hunting and attempting to pick up shifts like a maniac. so i might not be making videos anytime soon as well. who knows.

    and that is it for now.




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