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    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    some of my birthday pictures

    here are some pictures from the night i went out for my birthday. I got my makeup done at mac because i decided that i was too lazy to do my own makeup and i was curious to see what my favorite mac girl, alyssa, could come up with. We called this look the sunset eyes because of the colors, she she used a pink eyeshadow (i didn't pay attention to which one but it looked like a matte hot pink color), vibrant grape, and bright future, for the main colors. On my lips I wore brave new bronze lipstick with gold rebel on top, and as for my face A WHOOOLLLE LOTTA CRAP since my skin is so horrible. By the time she was done, my skin looked super even, soft, bronzed, and glowy!

    eyeliner smeared just a tad because i was crying from laughing so hard =X

    i look pregnant in this picture because the tool underneath the dress rouched up when i sat down lol

    and this is how the night ended

    ttyl girls!


    simpliizity said...

    lovely makeup :) i can see that you had a great time celebrating your birthday ^^, belated happy birthday pretty ;D

    ~Mel said...

    aww.. u look great hun! hehee.. yay to bdays! glad you have fun! =D

    Sonya said...

    What Mac do you go to? I go to the one at the MOA, and my 'usual' Mac girl (because I feel bad for her) SUCKS!! She always makes me look like a drag queen or some Harajuku mixed with a little goth. Alyssa did a good job on you! You know Lahy has a blog too!

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