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    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Hair Color (PICTURE HEAVY)

    I get bored of my hair color VERY EASILY
    my hair color has been all different shades of brown, blonde, and black .
    When it's light, I want my dark hair back, when it's dark, I always have the urge to go and get highlights. I also can't decide what fits me well, what looks the best on me .

    dark brown:

    highlighted (my senior pic... loooonng time ago)

    carmels and golds?


    and BLACK

    another thing that made me think hair color was seeing the Fekkai hair color system when I was looking around Sephora.
    I was watching the demo, and the hair color is made up of all sorts of butters, leaving your hair super soft and more moisturized than even before you colored it. THAT definitely intrigued me
    and if I were to try it, I'd want to try the dark brown or medium brown

    this is the color chart that's on sephora's website

    BUT what I'm kinda hesitant about is coloring over my stylist's (heather) work! I ALWAYS feel bad when I color over her work, because I always end up going back to her anyway and for some weird reason I think that she MIGHT think that I colored over it because I didn't like it or something, when actually I really do love my hair and that's why I always go back to her. Although her services are VERY pricey, especially since she got promoted at the salon. 

    Ladies, if you find a hair colorist that colors your hair exactly the way you imagine you want it to be, STICK WITH THEM. I found my colorist, I still have yet to find a person that CUTS my hair perfectly.

    BUT anyway! So I don't know if I want to go ahead and color it which would be 30.00 if i try the Fekkai color, or just get my roots done by Heather, which would be 100 something. BUT I also don't know if I even want to color my hair darker again, or leave my highlighted hair the way it is. I don't have a recent picture of myself, just my youtube videos...

    I DON'T KNOooOOooW

    oh yeah, the camera i want is on sale right now for 179.99 at bestbuy!
    I asked mi madre and she gave me the typical answer "go tell your dad" =/


    simpliizity said...

    oooh! i love all the shades of colours you've tried girl :]

    ~Mel said...

    aww.. i love ur hair color black! looks very nice. =) ooh and that fekkai coloring does sound tempting.. i haven't colored my hair for 5 years now and only colored it at least 3 times at home in the past.. hehe.. i hope you get ur camera!!

    bellax3vita said...

    thanks simpliizity!

    and thanks Mel! black would probably require less maintenance as well... hmm... and also cheaper than having to go back to the salon to upkeep my highlights... hmmmmmmmmmmmm! and the more money i save the more i can splurge on makeup! lol jk, but not really

    Jennifer Nguyen! said...

    You will look pretty anyway =]

    I'm just like you by the way! In high school at one point I had about 13 different shades of brown to black to gold in my hair -_- and I also get boreed of it easily! I finally spent a year doing nothing to my hair and letting the color grow out. I already cut the color off...

    now i want to color again haha. Please make a video if you do!

    deola said...


    theonlyarielle said...

    Looking at your previous pictures, I think the bessttttt one by far was the FIRST picture of the gold/caramel color!!
    Stunning =]
    but the black looked really good too!

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