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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    I need some

    Short Sleeved Cardigans!

    I haven't been working much these past few weeks because

    1. I haven't been scheduled very many days because of budgeting at work
    2. my availability was kinda sucky due to school &
    3. I didn't want to work very much during the school year anyway

    so right now I can't really go on my major shopping sprees and I always have to think twice about if i really need something, but the answer is always NO I DON'T NEED IT, so then i have to ask myself "okay do i really really really really want this, or do i already have something like this" because usually the stuff i gravitate towards to are things that I already have (because I LIKE IT duh lol) and then I end up with ten thousand versions of an item that is BASICALLY the same, and that goes for clothes, as well as makeup. Who knows how many ruffly white tops i have, black long cardigans, and who knows how many NUDE colored lipsticks I have. So I need to stop that.

    I also need to pay off some stuff like my macy's card and credit card. The transaction didn't go through on time so NOW for both the bills for next month, I have to pay 75.00 for each card. so with this next paycheck i will pay one of them, and then the next paycheck i will pay for the other...

    [sorry, i'm just getting my financial thoughts all out, trying to sort out things, i really should make this private because no one cares but eh...]

    I also need to make a payment for school, that's another 30.00

    I actually NEED new sandals so that I will need to get with my next paycheck...

    I really want to go to the CCO but i don't NEED any more makeup FOR NOW and I should probably wait for giftcards from my bday or something.

    I need to buy a present for my best friend (her bday is a day after mine, cool huh [okay that sounded nerdy])

    okay, so I guess I really can't go shopping with this next paycheck, BOO!

    what am i going to do with myself for the next 2 weeks...

    {edit} I forgot, I need a mirror, because with my vanity, I can't get close to the mirror to be able to see what I'm doing, FYI i am extremely BLIND! I can't see past 3 inches away from my face... horrible.


    Paola said...

    Girl I understand. I got hella bills, a new car, and same temptations as you. ! Dont worry things will look up

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